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We, KoreaGuide, support
your ‘Trip to Korea’ should be enjoyable, safe,
and a new chance to discover Korea.

Let ‘KoreaGuide’ start a special trip focused on the visitors to Korea
to provide both exiting fun and deep impression.
The travel schedule has no commission shopping from the beginning to the end.
Korean travel planners and professional premium guides are
always waiting for you, hoping to experience the pleasure of private travel
in Korea that suits your own purpose and taste.

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Korea guide

For the simple information, a Web (e.g. Google or Naver) is enough.
However, for the interpretation, maps, AI guidances, it is not enough.
In ‘KoreaGuide’, professional guides certified by national license will guide you.
We, ‘KoreaGuide’ support your trip to Korea should be more enjoyable and inspiring.
As a companion of precious visitor to Korea, we will start a traveler-oriented tour.
Now, if you choose the 'KoreaGuide' for the travel, you can be free from the cliche tour, commission-based shopping and optional tours.
Let’s try a premium guided tour different from the previous package tours:A structure in which a travel agency sells, recruits clients and passes it to a local land company assigning a guide.\nOurs are not cheap. But it will be worthwhile to travel.

We, 'KoreaGuide', are a company that makes various tours to Korea and creates a more diverse world where everyone’s differences are recognized and individual tastes are respected.

Guide Tour

You like history,
but have you ever experienced
a tour in charge of a guide who
only talks about shopping?
You like shopping,
but have you ever been tired of
your whole trip just because
they talked about history?
How can I go to experience a Korean local travel?
Every kind of ‘local guide tour’ is
prepared by an expert guide who
is in charge of planning and
guiding from the beginning
to the end of the Korean tour.
The money to be paid in the destination is
indicated on the travel product.
Rejoice your own trip to Korean local tour
with the humanities.

Package Tour

Break away from the old customary travel structure
filled with the same schedule,
shopping commissions and unwanted options!
With the schedule for a client-oriented trip,
we are ready to start the ‘package tour’
that you can enjoy with famous restaurants,
various themes, and activities.
The money that
the traveler has to pay
on the destination is specified on the travel product.
Combining the freeness of individual travel
and the convenience of package travel,
 it is not a simply combined travel.
Planners and professional guides specializing
in the travel to Korea will guide you.

Custom Tour

You can travel privately on the date
you want, eat the food you want,
and take only the trip you want to go on.
In addition, you can experience a customized tour
where you can get high level of explanation, guidance,
and new inspiration during the trip.
Experience a tour focused on you
with the support of a professional local guide.

Korea guide

Company History

2020 Year
  • Established under the name of ‘KoreaGuideCenter

  • Hold a briefing session for the FIT guides  in Busan

  • Hold a briefing session for the FIT guides in nation-wide both on and off line

  • Hold in-depth education such as blog operation for the FIT guides

2021 Year
  • Hold company platform briefing and education session for the Jeju guides

  • Executed a in-company contest for FIT planning & development

  • Won the prize of the Online Tour Contest hosted by Korea Tourism Organization

  • Run Online tour in English and Indonesian

  • Explored the Local Tour Course of Gyeongnam Haman for foreigners with guides   supported by Haman county government office with guides

  • Conducted monitoring tour of Gyeongnam Haman for foreigners

2022 Year
  • Guide Target Daegu City Support Medical Product Planning and Development Familiar Tour